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Smart Coach contains the combined knowledge and experience from some of the world’s greatest athletes and coaches, working with us to ensure you get the right amount of training, at the right intensity, at the right time. Smart Coach is completely different to other training programmes as there are no canned sessions blindly churned out. Our training intelligence analyses your activity then updates your next training sessions, making sure you recover sufficiently but pushes you hard when needed.

In today’s world, we’re under so much time pressure that every second counts. Smart Coach adapts to your lifestyle, recognising when you’ve been able to do some training and when you haven’t, then automatically adjusting your programme so you maximise the time available. Whether you’re training for fitness, weight loss or an event, the system is clever enough to integrate multiple goals and give you the perfect combination and blend of training sessions each week.

Pro cyclist Magnus Backstedt introduces Trainsmart Interactive

Key benefits

– 14-day free trial of the system. No credit card. No obligation. Enjoy using it as our guest

– After the trial period, the system automatically converts to a free training diary. Compare features 

– Comprehensive activity log & data analysis to accurately track progress

– Integration with multiple hardware devices to reduce and simplify data input (Polar & Garmin supported). More under development

– Personalised activity & training plan tailored to your specific goal(s). There are no “pre-canned” training programmes

– Your plan is designed to fit your ability level, available training time and chosen goal(s)

– Goals include weight loss, body fat reduction and event training

– “Smart” weekly targets which adapt according to your lifestyle, making them realistic and achievable

– Real-time feedback with key information on every training session

– Auto-update of your training plan after every session

– Social media integration to encourage sharing of achievements and progress

– Group challenges and shared goals to encourage group activity and peer support

– Link with your coach or personal trainer to complement your 1-to-1 sessions and get 24/7 overview and support



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