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Tailor-made plans to reduce weight and strip off body fat

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Our nutrition plans focus on weight loss and specialised plans to strip off body fat. Abs are born in the kitchen, not the gym! It’s not just how many calories you eat that’s important. To be effective, your nutrition plan must take into account portion size, macronutrient blend (protein, fats & carbs) as well as the timing of each meal. Forget the fad diets! We know what works and what doesn’t.

What do I get?

Each single nutrition plan is individually designed by our certified nutritionist. We do not do pre-canned plans! Your plan covers a 7-day period giving you the precise amount of carbs, fat and protein to eat in each meal. We recommend you weigh your food for the first week or so, until you are comfortable with converting grams into portion size.

Your daily nutrition plan is directly influenced by what exercise you take. You will receive a meal plan for rest days, easy, moderate, hard and very hard training days. As the duration and intensity of exercise increases, you must replace carbs, fat and protein in the right proportion to fuel your body and ensure it recovers successfully. As you become familiar with your nutrition requirements for different exercise durations and intensities, feel free to mix and match meals to suit your needs.

Metabolic Testing

If you have done a metabolic test, your individual results will be integrated into your nutrition plan. The metabolic tests allow us to measure exactly how much fat and carbohydrate you burn at every heart rate, and so completely tailor your plan to your body with maximum precision. A metabolic test completely takes the guesswork out of calculating your training zones and is a strongly recommended option if you are serious about getting lean.


You will receive a personal supplementation programme, based on your answers to a short questionnaire. Supplementation is optional but is recommended for optimal health.

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