Resting Metabolic Rate Test

Essential information when dieting and counting calories

Resting Metabolic Rate

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The Trainsmart Calorie Burn (Resting Metabolic Rate) test is ideal for anyone who is actively managing their weight using a calorie controlled diet.

To lose weight, you need to be in “negative energy”, or in plain English, burn more calories than you consume. It’s essential to know exactly how many calories you actually burn.

The Calorie Burn test measures your metabolic rate and identifies whether you have a fast or slow metabolism.

After the test, you will know exactly how many calories to eat in order to lose weight. You’ll get tips and tricks to speed up your metabolism to get your body working with you, rather than against you. 

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How to book a test

Give us a call, drop us an email or fill in the contact form and we’ll contact you to schedule a convenient time and date for your test.

Please note: due to no-shows, bookings will not be accepted until you have paid for your test. Pay now

The test

The test is conducted wearing normal clothes, seated or reclined in a chair and lasts between 13-20 minutes. You should be as comfortable and relaxed as possible . You wear a neoprene mask (wetsuits are made of this material) which covers your nose and mouth.  The mask is needed to catch and analyse your breath, allowing the accurate measurement of calories burned.



What information will I receive?

– Accurate measurement of calories burned at rest
– How many calories to eat on an exercise and non-exercise day
– Metabolic food typing i.e. is a carbohydrate-light or carbohydrate-rich diet optimum for your metabolism?
– Whether you have a fast or a slow metabolism
– Tips and tricks to speed up your metabolism

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Who should do this test?

Anyone who manages their weight primarily through dieting or who monitors what they eat.  Most beneficial to those who follow a calorie-controlled diet, as it will give you the exact number of calories your body burns each day.  From this figure, you can then easily calculate how many calories you need to eat each day in order to successfully lose weight.



How long does it last?

The test itself takes between 13–20 minutes.  However, we allocate 1 hour for an assessment as we spend approximately 45 minutes analysing your results and explaining everything in detail. After the analysis, you will understand exactly how many calories to eat, what food types to eat, when to eat them and why you need to eat them.

What should I wear?

Simply arrive in clothes you are comfortable in.  You will be either seated in a chair or lying down on an assessment bed.  The more relaxed you are the better the test, so wear clothing that you will be most relaxed in.



Avoid anything before the test?

The most important thing you need to do is to ensure you do not eat or drink anything other than water 4 hours before the test.  This is critically important.  If you do eat or drink anything before the test, there is a strong likelihood that the test may have to be postponed to another time.  If you smoke, do not smoke at least 4 hours before the test. Try to avoid any strenuous activity at least 3 hours before your test.  We would not advise working out or going to the gym until after your assessment.


The tests are safe and conducted by registered health and fitness professionals. There are no known risks from doing a Calorie Burn test. However, you will wear a soft mask which is made out of neoprene (wet suits are made from this) and there is a small rubber washer which may touch your lips. If you are allergic to neoprene and/or rubber, please inform your test assessor as this may well prevent you from doing the test.



Are the results accurate?

The analyser is extremely accurate and is made in the USA by the world leaders in gas exchange analysis.  It is medical equipment and the manufacturers supply machines in many hospitals and even for NASA to use on space shuttles!

Will I get a full diet plan?

No, but if this is what you are looking for, one of our qualified nutritionists will design a personalised plan for you based on your metabolic test. Please see the details of our Nutrition plan in the product page.



Where do you do tests?

Most tests are done at venues in Central London. We also conduct RMR tests at our offices in Victoria. Home or place of work visits are available for a small additional fee (location dependent). Block bookings are also available where a highly trained Trainsmart assessor will come to your venue. In the past, we have done onsite tests at running, cycling and triathlon clubs as well as gyms up and down the UK. A minimum of 4 clients are necessary.

How much will it cost?

We often have discounts and special promotions, so please check our shop for the latest prices.

Things to do before a test


It’s important that you have sufficient rest before your metabolic test. You only need a couple of hours rest for a Calorie Burn test as you will be relaxing in a chair or lying down on an assessment bed. However, we advise that you don’t exercise within 3 hours of your test time, as exercise raises your metabolic rate and your test results may be affected.


Continue to take any medication as normal and only delay the timing of your medication if it’s safe to do so. If you delay, remember to bring your medication with you so you can take it after the test. If you have any concerns about doing the test, please seek advice from your GP.

Things not to do


Refrain from smoking at least 4 hours before your appointment. This is a gas exchange test and the air you inhale and exhale is analysed. The test is extremely sensitive, so if your lungs are filled with smoke your test results will be contaminated. As a general rule, if your assessor can smell smoke on your breath, they will likely postpone the test and reschedule it for another time.

Eat & Drink

Do not to eat or drink anything other than water within 4 hours of the test start time. This includes chewing gum. Unless you are fasted, your test results may be contaminated and appointment will have to be rescheduled.


Calorie Burn test

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