Tangible benefits for the employee and the company

The individual

– Personalised activity & training plan, which auto-updates after every session. There are no “pre-canned” training programmes

– Personalised nutrition advice pre/during/post workout to ensure correct fueling/refueling and support of weight loss goals

– Individual, digital coach to support them towards their goals

– Comprehensive activity log & data analysis to accurately track progress

– Integration with multiple hardware devices to reduce the data input burden for the individual

– Smart weekly targets which adapt according to the individual’s lifestyle, making them realistic and achievable

– Real-time feedback on every training session, providing individuals with key information on how well they have done

– Social media integration to encourage sharing of achievements and progress

– Group challenges and shared goals to encourage group activity and peer support

– Mobile application to access personalised programme on the go, providing 24/7 support



– Integration with Health Risk Assessments (HRA) enabling real-time view of organsiational activity-based risk profile

– Advanced health screening questionnaire which allows inactive, unfit individuals to train safely

– Integration of social media gaming features to drive employee engagement

– Increase employee engagement by designing company or group challenges

– Monitor employee engagement and effectiveness to health & well-being initiatives and group challenges

– Identify & reinforce positive changes in employee behaviour and activity patterns

– Access to real time online management information, segmented and tailored based on company demographics to understand employee activity and health improvements

– Multilingual and customisable solution to allow organisations full integration as part of your global wellbeing strategy

– Integrated development to support preferred hardware devices from sport watches to physical activity trackers


Partners and distributors

– Online coach dashboard to help you monitor your clients’ training/ nutrition progress, from personal trainers to nutritionists, physicians …

– Significant time-saving features, such as auto-analysis of client’s activity and report generation

– Increase depth of service via 24/7 monitoring & mentoring

– Central platform to communicate with individuals, groups or across the whole organisation

– Remotely train clients for that added-value 1-to-1 service



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