Goals & Targets

Scheduled targets to reach your goals

Get ready for Events

Whether a novice or a seasoned athlete, your training plan is designed to bring you to peak condition on event day. Multiple events across multiple sports are perfectly integrated to give you the ideal mix of training each week. Smart Coach designs “periodised” training programmes, which means your training load (frequency, intensity & time) varies as you progress through your plan, so you reach the start line in top shape.

Trainsmart Interactive event summary

Lose Weight

Our smart weight loss intelligence analyses your target weight and tells you if it’s realistic and achievable or if you’re too ambitious. Your activity level is constantly analysed and feedback given whether you’re on track, ahead of target or falling behind. Your training plan is automatically adjusted to make sure you stay on track.

Smart weekly targets

Designing a training programme which adapts and adjusts to your lifestyle is really tricky. We do the complicated stuff behind the scenes, leaving it as simple as possible for you to see what to do each week. Smart Coach sets a target for you to spend a certain amount of time training at each intensity. When you upload training sessions into the system, Smart Coach fills up each column with training time. It helps you stay on track by making sure you don’t do too much training at the wrong intensity. Your target each week is to fill up every column to 100%.

Smart Coach Weekly Targets

Skill Badges, Medals & Awards

Build up your skill badges whatever your training style – whether you’re an endurance monster, love climbing or prefer to burn it up every session. Medals are awarded for every event, with your bronze, silver and gold target medal times based on

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your ability level and conditioning. This means than you can compete with the elites on a level playing field, so you know that your gold medals are hard won and worth every bit as theirs.


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