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Sometimes, life gets in the way and things happen to knock you off track. There’s nothing more demotivating than being given a target and not being able to reach it. Smart Coach ensures that your lifestyle is factored into your training programme. It constantly adapts and updates making sure you maximise every second you have available. It’s pretty clever too – if you start falling too far behind, it recommends adjusting your targets so they are realistic and achievable. Just like a real coach.

Trainsmart Interactive training intelligence


You get better results working in a team than on your own. When you enter an event or accept a challenge, you’ll automatically be entered into a group so you can compare your progress with others and receive encouragement and praise for your achievements. Sharing training activity with friends has a huge, positive impact on motivation and it’s great fun too!

Skill Badges, Medals & Awards

Build up your skill badges whatever your training style – whether you’re an endurance monster, love climbing or prefer to burn it up every session. Medals are awarded for every event, with your bronze, silver and gold target medal times based on your ability level and conditioning. This means than you can compete with the elites on a level playing field, so you know that your gold medals are hard won and worth every bit as theirs.


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