Cain Leathem



Trainsmart expert - Cain Leathem

Cain Leathem is one of Britain’s leading Exercise and Nutrition Consultants, having extensively studied aspects of the human body, biomechanics, exercise principles and nutrition, phlebotomy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming as well as many other related disciplines.

As a highly qualified and experienced consultant he has appeared on T.V. and radio, has been featured in many specialist magazines and newspapers. He is the author and course provider for his award winning NABBA affiliated Personal Trainer and Nutrition Qualifications as well as owner and director of GB Fitness. He also lectures in Sports Nutrition and is a product development advisor to several supplement companies, as well as giving advice to many professional sports teams in disciplines as varied as football, rugby, track and field, boxing and body-building. As a personal trainer and nutritionist his clients range from complete beginners to international athletes in elite competition – they number over 80 British Champions, 14 World Champions, 4 World Record Holders.


He encourages health within the workplace and offers businesses advice on how to best maximise efficiency (and therefore profit) through the optimal wellness and vitality of their employees. His expertise in this field has taken him worldwide both as a coach and as a speaker. He is a member of the Professional Speaking Association and educates on all matters of health and optimal being.

Cain is also a qualified NLP Master Practitioner and utilises this skill to motivate his clients and help instil a positive mood state in all the people that he meets.

Cain will enlighten and entertain, educate you in truths and eradicate myths. He always welcomes questions and interactions as he is proud to learn from those he advises.