Resting Metabolic Rate Test Day


Before the Test

  • Please review the "do's and don'ts" to make sure the test can go ahead.
  • Aim to arrive 5-10 minutes before the test, to avoid rushing or being stressed out.
  • Wear comfortable clothes.


During the Test

  • Depending on the venue, the test will be done in a private room or quiet area of the facility.
  • You will be lying down on an assessment bed or seated in a chair. You need to be free of all distractions so your heart rate remains low.  Please do not use your mobile phone during the test.
  • You wear a neoprene mask (wetsuits are made of this material) covering your nose and mouth. The mask captures the air you breathe in and out, which is analysed to measure your metabolic rate.
  • Your assessor will review the test data for the first 2-3 minutes, then if all is within expected parameters, they will leave the room and let you relax in private for 20-30 minutes. 


After the Test

  • Because you're fasted and likely to have low blood sugar, bring something sugary to eat or drink immediately after the test. If you have specific dietary needs, bring some appropriate snacks to consume.
  • If you have a medical condition, please bring your medication to take immediately after the test (if required). However, there are no known medical issues associated with a Resting Metabolic Rate test.
  • The test results will be explained in detail and you will presented with a full analysis and review of your assessment. 
  • Your report will be emailed to you within the next 2 working days.



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