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Resting Metabolic Rate


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Why do the test?

The Trainsmart Calorie Burn (Resting Metabolic Rate) test is ideal for anyone actively managing their weight, either by diet alone or in conjunction with exercise.

To lose weight, you need to be in “negative energy”, or in plain English, burn more calories than you consume. Everyone's metabolic rate is different and it’s essential to know exactly how many calories you burn, so you can control how much to eat without the risk of slowing down your metabolism. 

The Calorie Burn test is extremely accurate and identifies if you have a fast or slow metabolism

 After the test, you'll know exactly how many calories to eat in order to lose weight. We’ll give you tips and tricks to speed up your metabolism and get your body working with you, rather than against you. 



Where do you do tests?

We conduct the majority of our tests at Nuffield Health, Covent Garden. Additionally, home or work visits are available for a small additional fee. Block bookings are also available where a highly trained Trainsmart assessor will come to your venue. We conduct onsite tests at running, cycling and triathlon clubs as well as gyms up and down the country (minimum of 4 clients). 


How much does it cost?

We often have discounts and special promotions, so please check our  shop for the latest prices.


How to book a test

Fill out our contact form and we’ll call you to schedule your test. This is a highly personalised service and we'll arrange a convenient time and date which suits you.

However, please note that due to no-shows, bookings can not be confirmed until you've purchased your test. 

We're human beings, and we know that sometimes things happen that you can't control. Check out our refund policy for details on cancelling a test booking.  


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