VO2max Safety Issues


All of our metabolic tests are conducted by registered, certified and insured health & fitness professionals.

There are known safety issues associated with a VO2max Exercise test. 

    • There is a rubber ring in the mask to support a component used to measure your breathing. This ring could rest against your lip and may be an issue if you have a latex allergy or intolerance.
    • The mask fits snugly over your face. This may be an issue if you are claustrophobic.
    • Due to its very nature, the ramp test places your body under increasing stress. There are inherent risks associated with exercising, which include (but are not limited to), cardiac events, stroke, breathing difficulties, joint issues and death. Each year, there are deaths in the UK involving exercise.
    • In our 15 years' experience of conducting metabolic tests, we have not had one safety issue during a VO2max or sub-max test.
    • However, we have had one post-test incident. A client did not take our advice to eat simple carbohydrates (high Glycaemic Index) after his VO2max test. Approximately 20 minutes after the test, he subsequently felt ill, his blood pressure dropped and he fainted. This can be avoided by consuming carbohydrates after the test has finished.
    • The mask fits tightly over the face and often restricts nasal breathing, forcing you to breathe through your mouth. The tests are conducted in an air conditioned environment, which makes the air drier than normal and may irritate your throat and cause breathing issues. If you have exercise-induced asthma, please bring your inhaler and any prescribed medication.
    • Please complete our short Health Screen before your test so we can identify any potential safety issues.

All Trainsmart staff are trained in First Aid and have the relevant insurance and qualifications necessary to conduct exercise stress tests. However, Trainsmart staff ARE NOT medical professionals.

If you have any doubts about your suitability to do a VO2max exercise test, please consult your doctor prior to doing your test.


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