VO2max Test


VO2 Exercise Test

VO2 Testing

The VO2max or submax exercise test is essential for anyone who's exercising and wants to lose weight, get leaner or training for an endurance event. We measure your personalised training zones so your training can deliver the maximum results in the shortest possible time. 

The VO2 test identifies your 3 key training zones:

  • Max fat burning (aerobic base)

  • Lactate Threshold (race pace)

  • RQ1 (high intensity training)


Training Zones

Everyone is different and respond differently to exercise. Because of this, no two people’s training zones are the same. An easy intensity for one person may be relatively hard for another. Additionally, your own training zones change over time, moving higher as your fitness improves and lower when you stop training.

If you’re serious about improving your performance or stripping off body fat, a VO2max exercise test is essential to pinpoint your individual training zones and get the results you desire. If you train with a heart rate monitor and have not had a metabolic test, then you're training with your eyes closed. Once you know your zones, you will maximise every minute spent in the gym and achieve your goals in the quickest possible time.


Where do you do tests?

Tests are conducted on treadmills, bikes, cross-trainers and rowing machines, with the majority of our tests done at Nuffield Health, Covent Garden. Home or place of work visits are available for a small additional fee (location and equipment dependant). Block bookings are also available where a highly trained Trainsmart assessor will come to your club. We conduct onsite tests at running, cycling and triathlon clubs as well as gyms up and down the country (a minimum number of clients will apply). Please let us know your full postal address and we will provide a quotation.


How much does it cost?

We may have discounts and special promotions, so please check our shop for the latest prices.


How to book a test

Fill out our contact form and we’ll call you to schedule your test. This is a highly personalised service and we'll arrange a convenient time and date which suits you.

Please note that due to no-shows, bookings can not be confirmed until you've purchased your test. 

We're human beings and we know that sometimes things happen outside of your control. Check out our refund policy for cancellation details. 


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