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Trainsmart Interactive is your personal, digital coach which designs goal-driven training plans based around your lifestyle, sports and activities. Best of all, it constantly monitors your progress and automatically updates your programme. You get feedback and advice telling you how well you’ve done after every training session. We do all the planning for you so you get the right number of sessions at the right intensity to keep you on track.

Coaches and personal trainers – use the platform as your digital assistant. Let us reduce your administrative burden by automatically analysing your client’s training, allowing you to see their performance and progress at a glance.

For Who?

Corporate health & wellness


Health Investment for corporate success

Organisations are increasingly looking for ways to engage employees around their own health and well-being and to analyse the effectiveness and impact increased physical activity has on improving productivity and reducing of overall health care costs.

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Train smarter not harder

You’re training to be fit, healthy and lean. Trainsmart designs your personalised training plan around your goals, whether they be an improvement in fitness, general weight loss or specific body fat reduction.

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Maximize your performance

Superior performance and competing at your best is your number 1 priority. Correct periodisation of your training load is essential to ensure your body is in the right condition at the right time of the season, in order to deliver maximum results.

Coach and trainer reviewing training sessions

Coaches & trainers

Track & monitor 

You are a sport and/or fitness professional and you have a passion for training and motivating clients to reach heights they never thought were possible. Trainsmart Interactive is your digital coaching assistant; analyzing training sessions, communicating and compiling reports.


Trainsmart Interactive training intelligence

Smart Coach

Your personal, digital coach designs training plans, monitors your activity 24/7 and auto-updates to keep you on track. Take all the guesswork out of your training. Use Trainsmart Interactive.

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Goals & Targets

Prepare for events, improve your speed and stamina, lose weight and drop body fat. Your training plan is designed specifically for each goal. Weekly training time and intensity targets ensure you stay on track.

Personal trainer with lady client

Link to a trainer

Get the best of both worlds by linking with your coach or personal trainer to seamlessly communicate and share data.

Stay Motivated_young woman checking her progress on laptop

Stay Motivated

Connect to your friends on Facebook and challenge colleagues or athletes to earn medals and skill badges. Buddy-up and send your challenges to stay engaged and motivated.

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