Colin Coach


Trainsmart user stories - Colin Coach"I train athletes of all ability to get stronger, fitter and faster"


Colin Coach Motivation


  • To improve the performance of every client
  • To double my coaching clients
  • To spend more time with my family

In Colin's Words

I use several different apps and spreadsheets, adding extra complication to an already difficult job. I've been waiting for a system to integrate my coaching and tie everything together. Trainsmart Coach is perfect. I've customised the system to train my clients exactly the way I want. Every session is smart and adapts according to the rules I tell it – giving my clients variety, progression and saving me a huge amount of time.


Colin has coached clients and professional athletes for over 15 years and is widely respected in the sporting community. He still competes himself but is finding it increasingly difficult to balance his own training, the demands of family life and yet still provide a first-class service. Colin wants to leverage the internet and technology to free-up more of his time, while still maintaining the quality he delivers to his clients.


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