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Trainsmart case studies - Alan Athlete
"A champion is afraid of losing. Everyone else is afraid of winning"


Alan Athlete Motivations Chart

In Alan's Words

Sport is my life. I’m super competitive, love winning but absolutely hate losing. At this level, everyone's supremely fit with small margins between winning and losing. Every year the standard gets higher.

I've recently started working with a great coach on the Trainsmart platform. He's designed a bespoke plan for me, mapping out for the entire year. I receive daly sessions, key weekly sessions and benchmarks to monitor my progress to make sure I'm on track.


Alan’s a full-time athlete and races for a top national track team. He's thinking about a move to the road but needs a national or international title before he can make the jump. The pressure to win is enormous, both from his own high standards and the demands from sponsors. Alan's struggled the last couple of years, coming close but not not winning any major races. He wants this to be a breakthrough year and is using the latest training techniques, best coaches and training platform to give him the edge. 

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