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"You have to train smarter than everyone else if you want to win"


Alan Athlete Motivation


  • To win my two major races this year
  • To stay injury-free
  • To find a system that makes it easier for me to work with my coach

In Alan's Words

Sport is my life. I’m super competitive and hate losing. At this level, everyone is amazingly fit and the difference between winning and losing is measured in fractions of a second. I haven’t won a race for a while and I’m starting to do my own research to find the edge that I need. I’ve started working with a coach on the Trainsmart platform who’s set me some individual sessions to do in my own time, to squeeze that extra bit of performance out of my body.


Alan’s a full-time athlete and races for a top national cycling team. The pressure to win is enormous, both from the high standards he sets himself and the constant demands for results from his team and sponsors. Alan has struggled the last couple of years and not won any major races. He’s feeling the heat and believes his place on the team is under threat if he doesn’t win something big next season.


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