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"Ask all your questions during training. On race day, you want all the answers"


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In Eddie's Words

I enter at least one triathlon every year and love the whole buzz around race day. As I've become more experienced, my goals have changed. At first, I was happy just to finish the race whereas now I’m aiming for a time. It’s stating the obvious but the better I train, the more I enjoy the race day and the better my results.

You can design your own training plan, as there’s loads of information out there on the internet. However, when you start digging deeper you realise how vast the subject is, and you quickly tumble down the rabbit hole. Personally, I don’t have the time or inclination to spend hours designing a plan and updating it each week. I’m using the app to take the hassle away and do all the planning for me. Life’s too short!


Eddie’s a City broker, a fully paid-up MAMIL and happily switches between his suit and cycle kit. He’s competitive and works hard, applying the same mentality to triathlon. He loves the whole process of training and racing and secretly longs to qualify for the age-group World Championships in Kona.

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