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"I think a hero is any person intent on making this world a better place"


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In Charlie's Words

Being a charity, money is always tight. Mass participation events are an extremely important source of revenue for us. Trainsmart supports charities with its revenue-sharing scheme, giving us valuable, new income from events.

The app also helps train our entrants safely, so they're in great shape for the event. It gives us visibility on the amount of training our participants are doing (or not, in some cases), which feeds into our risk assessments and First Aid planning. After the event, Trainsmart helps us achieve our legacy goals by continuing to support our entrants to stay fit and healthy. 


Charlie leads the events team at a large, UK charity hosting around 20 events a year. Every year, pressure increases with 'charity fatigue' making it harder to find entrants and reach donation targets. Charlie's passionate about the work the charity does and continuing to make a real difference to people's lives. 

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