Frequently asked questions about the Trainsmart coaching app, metabolic testing and nutrition plan



When you eat, your metabolic rate increases to process the food. This mechanism is called thermogenesis.

After eating, your blood sugar levels change, which causes more CO2 to be expelled by your lungs. 

The gas exchange analyser is extremely sensitive and any one of these factors will negatively affect your test results.

A gas exchange test measures the air that you breathe in and out. If you smoke before the test, your expired air will be contaminated and it may affect the accuracy of your test results. 

As a general rule, do not smoke at least 4 hours before your test. If your test assessor can smell smoke on your breath, you will be advised to rebook another test date.

Take your medication as you would do on any normal day and follow your prescription guidelines. 

If you are doing an exercise test and have exercise-induced asthma, please remember to bring your inhaler.

During the test, you wear a mask to capture all the air you breathe in and out. The mask is made of neoprene and has a rubber ring around the mouth area. Please let us know if you have a neoprene or rubber allergy.

The mask fits tightly around the face, similar to the pollution masks worn by cycle commuters. There have been no issues with wearing the mask, even with clients who suffer from claustrophobia.

There are no known safety issues with the Resting Metabolic Rate test.

There ARE safety issues when doing any exercise-based activity and you must be aware and accept these risks. Please consult your doctor if you have any doubts on your suitability to do an exercise test.

The exercise test is usually done as a sub-maximal test and terminates around 80-85% of HR max. You will be working hard and breathing heavily, equating to a 8.5-9/10 effort. We get all your required metabolic data from a sub-maximal test.

However, some clients want to do a maximal test, and if so, we will push you to your limit. The VO2max test is only advised if you have a high level of  endurance-based fitness.

For your own safety and to identify any possible health risks, we insist that every client completes their Health Screen prior to test day. 

No, you do not get a nutrition plan after a Calorie Burn test. 

The data from the test is perfect to design your customised nutrition plan. However, the plan takes several hours to build and it is an additional service to the RMR test.

Unfortunately, you cannot book a test without paying. We've been let down too many times in the past with people booking and not turning up. We now request that you pay when booking your test.

If you change your mind, you can always get a full refund as per our Returns Policy.

We often find ourselves working outside of normal office hours and we contact 99% of people within a couple of hours of buying a test.

We prefer to speak to people on the phone, which is why we ask for your contact number when booking. If we're unable to reach you, we try the next day and always follow up calls with an email containing our contact information. 

We're human beings and know that sometimes things happen that are outside your control. If you have to cancel at the last minute and our assessors are set up and at the venue, we may ask for you to cover their expenses, as per our Cancellation Policy. However, this is a rare event and we can't remember the last time this happened.

Most of our clients simply rebook for another day, and you can do this completely free of charge. 


Trackers are great for looking back in history at what you've done in the past.

However, Trainsmart is different as it analyses past data to predict and modify what you should do in the future.

With the best will in the world, no-one can completely follow a training plan. You might train too hard, too easy, too short or too long. You might miss a training session, get sick or pick up an injury. Trainsmart coaching intelligence takes all this into account and updates your programme to keep you on track, whatever ups and downs you face in life.

Yes - the Trainsmart app has a free 30-day trial when you register. However, we invite you to trial the app for free for as long as we're in beta.

The coach app does not have a free trial, as it's completely free for professionals. However, it's not drive-thru and you have to pre-register to use it. 

The client app reverts to the free version, which is everything except the coaching. However, you can reactivate this at any time by buying a subscription.

Once your coach or personal trainer has registered with Trainsmart, they'll be able to monitor your training and give you personally designed sessions & feedback 24/7.  

You sure can. We've built Trainsmart to be "'app agnostic" and we aim to integrate with all the major apps. We currently support Garmin, Polar and Strava, with more being developed as we speak. 

There's no need to switch apps. Simply enter your login details in Settings > Apps and any new app activity is automatically synced with Trainsmart, without you having to do a thing.


As a coach, you can adjust any of the intelligence settings and control exactly what training your clients receive. As such, it's important that you are a professional and have the knowledge and education needed to ensure your clients receive safe and effective training.

Trainsmart reviews the qualifications submitted during the application process to ensure our coaches have the necessary certifications and experience. 


We have over 18 years of metabolism and physiology experience and tailor your nutrition programme exclusively to you. 

We strongly recommend both metabolic tests, so we can measure your data and personalise your plan specifically to your metabolism and exercise pattern. 

It's recognised that everyone has a unique response to diet and exercise. Our plans are scientifically based to give you the exact calories needed to lose (or gain) weight, strip off fat and integrate it with your lifestyle and training programme.