April 29, 2016 1 min read

We're all busier and working harder than ever. One of the common themes we hear all the time is "I don't have time to do all the training" or "I'm getting grief from my family as I can't spend time with them and still do my training". This problem is compounded when you're not just training for one discipline, you're doing a triathlon and training for three!

One of our best friends, Joe Beer, has written the Time-Crunched Triathlon, to help you get the biggest bang for your buck from limited training time.

We're giving away a signed copy to the person who can describe the most innovative and inspirational way his expert tips will help you fit your training around your lifestyle. Leave your comments below and we'll pick the winner on Friday 20th May (extra marks will be given for funny & witty answers). 

Good luck and safe miles.

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