Joe Beer



Trainsmart expert - Joe Beer

Joe Beer is one of the UK's leading multi-sport coaches with a breadth and depth of experience covering endurance training, sports nutrition and advanced sports technology. He is an ambassador for Science in Sport, Neuff Red (including Ventum, Stryd and Deboer) Nopinz, Rotor and ForthEdge.

Joe says "In challenging myself in events from 10-mile time trials on the bike up to Ironman Triathlons, from sprint duathlons to L’Etape Sportives over Tour de France stages, I have learned invaluable personal lessons on what it feels like, and what it takes, to maximise performance.

I'm not a world champ. I don't pretend to be a pro. I just make people faster and don't want to stop going fast myself. I don't want to, or believe that you need to do, 20 Ironmans, 20 hours a week or below 20 minutes for a 10-mile TT in order to help athletes get leaner, faster and better able to train themselves to reach their maximum potential.

That's it. No secrets. Just two decades of experience, long hours, thousands of pages or reading, hours in the lab, time in the wind tunnel, dozens of training camps, seminars, hundreds of personal consultations, lots of experimentation and a desire to be constantly learning."

Joe has worked with leading athletes, such as legendary champion cyclist Graeme Obree, the UK's first Ironman winner Matt Belfield, Scottish Ironman record holder (8h 17mins) & Ironman Wales winner - Scott Neyedli and European Long Distance Bronze medallist & Outlaw winner Vicky Gill. Joe works with elite triathletes to first time Ironman wannabes, leading time triallists to club riders. He has  written over 1,000 articles in magazines including 220 Triathlon, Cycling Plus, Runners World and Peak Performance. He has several books to his name including Need to Know Triathlon (Harper Collins, 2008) and Time Crunched Triathlon (Hale Crowood 2016) and now available in Kindle version and WH Smith eBook. Joe is a five time Ironman including the legendary Hawaii Ironman World Championship. Thirty multi-sport seasons and counting, he continues to race multi-sport events and time trials.