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Trainsmart Coach

We've been involved in the coaching and training business for over 15 years. We understand it's a passion and a deep caring to help others, which has motivated you to forge a career in this sector. We also appreciate the difficulties and challenges faced trying to turn this passion into a successful and sustainable business.

Trainsmart Coach gives you a flexible and scalable platform to deliver a digital service to your clients. The platform is free to registered and certified professionals:
  • Professional coaches
  • Personal trainers
  • Health & Wellness clinicians
  • Doctors & Physicians
Trainsmart Coach is not a drive-thru registration. You will be asked to provide relevant qualifications, certifications and insurance. Upon successful review, your Coach Micro Account is free for your own personal use. In addition, you'll also receive 10 coaching credits worth £50, enabling you to coach 10 clients free for one month or one client for 10 months etc. 


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Your Responsibilities

Once registered as a coach, you have full control over how your clients are trained and can modify any aspect of the coaching AI. Any changes you make affects both yours and your clients accounts. With great power comes great responsibility!
  • You must maintain current and valid insurance and professional qualifications
  • You should have a solid knowledge of cardiovascular training, heart rate training and periodisation principles before making changes to the system
  • As a coach, you are responsible for the training your clients receive