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Trainsmart personalised nutrition  


Everyone is unique and individual. Men and women have significantly different calorie requirements and macronutrient needs. Your body does not process calories equally, metabolising carbohydrates differently to fats and protein.


Your plan is personalised to your nutritional likes and dislikes, taking into account any intolerances or allergies. We also design plans for vegans and vegetarians.




You're training hard every day. lifting weights and doing smart cardio. Your nutrition plan must work as hard as you do, ensuring you consume the correct number of total calories, carbs, fats and protein. When required, you need sufficient carbs to fuel you high intensity, high quality sessions. However, you also need to adjust the macronutrient blend to encourage your body to strip off as much fat as possible.


Depending on your training session, your plan tells you exactly how much to eat, what to eat and when to eat it. You will understand what you need to eat on rest, steady-state fat burning, high intensity and weight training days.


Trainsmart nutrition and exercise 


 Resting Metabolic Rate test by Trainsmart


Metabolic Integration

We incorporate the results of a metabolic test into your nutrition plan to remove any room for error and ensure it's completely accurate. 


Your resting metabolic rate is extremely important in determining the total number of calories to eat and accounts for 70-80% of daily calories burned. Having measured the metabolism of over 5,000 people, our experience shows that in the overwhelming majority of cases, online calculators give a highly inaccurate result. The Resting Metabolic Rate test measures your resting metabolic rate to remove any guesswork in calculating this figure.


The exercise test measures the number of total calories, calories from carbs and calories from fat you burn at every exercise intensity. This enables us to accurately fine-tune your macronutrient blend according to the intensity and duration of your training sessions.


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