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Trainsmart Coaching weekly targets 

Goal-based Training

Whether you are training for one goal or multiple goals, Trainsmart brings together the research and coaching knowledge to design your perfect programme. Every week, you're given a training target. All you have to do is fill up each column, in each intensity zone to reach your target.


If you're training for a multi-sport event, you'll also be given targets for each sport, so you know where your focus should be directed each week. Don't worry if you're a complete beginner at one sport or highly experienced in another. Once Trainsmart learns how good you are at a sport, it adjusts each individual session so they are matched to your ability level.


If your goals change or you create new goals or events, Trainsmart automatically adapts and rebalances your programme to make sure you're doing the right amount of training at the right time.




Your personal timeline gives you detailed daily information and you can see at a glance when your next training session will be. Each session has a colour-coded intensity ring, so you know when to go easy and when to start pushing it.


Trainsmart Coaching timeline 


Trainsmart Coaching social training 


Take full control over your social activity profile. Join groups, follow friends and share your activity, to interest and motivate others. Alternatively, choose to keep some of your activities private and confidential, so they remain your personal record, visible only to you.


Easy to Use

Everyone's schedule is different and constantly changing and no two training programmes will ever be the same. Your timeline is easily personalised to match your lifestyle. Block some time slots and make them unavailable, choose to do certain sports on certain days or include regular or scheduled activities into your plan. Trainsmart analyses your preferences and rebalances your training, so it fits in perfectly with your work and leisure time.


Trainsmart Timeline 


Trainsmart Coaching supported apps 

App Integration

In today's digital world, everything should be integrated and connected. There are a multitude of apps in the market, each having their own loyal fan base. We don't want to make any of our clients choose one app over the other. Some apps don't allow third parties to integrate, but where possible, we're integrating with those which do. Check out our Apps and Devices page in the Settings menu for the full list. If your app isn't shown, drop us a line and we'll put it on our wish list.



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