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What is Trainsmart Coaching?


Use the app as your digital coach, which takes care of all the design, planning and updating of your training plan. You can upgrade at any time to work with professional coaches, giving you an unrivalled 1-to-1 coaching experience. 


We'd like to invite you to use the app for free and let us know your thoughts. If there's something you don't like, please tell us. If there's something you do like, please tell your friends. Enjoy your coaching and we look forward to hearing from you. 


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Coaching elevates your training to another level. Our experts design your plan using knowledge gained from years of research and working in the field. Their experience of translating what works on paper into what works in practice, enables them to adapt and respond when things don't always go to plan. 


Unfortunately, world-class coaches are expensive and access to them is limited. Wouldn't it be great if the technology existed to gather their unique knowledge and experience, package it in a fantastic looking app and deliver it across the globe? We're delighted to tell you that after years of R&D, thousands of man hours and untold gallons of coffee, Trainsmart Coaching is here. 


Magnus Backstedt on Trainsmart