Tracy Trainer


Tracy Trainer Trainsmart user story
"If at first you don’t succeed, try doing what your trainer told you the first time"


Tracy Trainer Motivation


  • To treble my client base
  • To use the internet to help train my clients
  • To develop my nutrition knowledge

In Tracy's Words

I train over 50 clients a week and want to offer a digital service to my portfolio. I’ve tried to get online before but it's expensive and a lot more complicated than I thought. I’ve started using Trainsmart Coach and it’s exactly what I need. As a registered personal trainer, I get a free Micro Account, which gives me 2 free clients a month. You only pay for what you use, so pricing is cheap as chips and it’s perfect while I'm developing my business.


Tracy used to work in the City but got disillusioned with the rat race, followed her dreams and retrained as a personal trainer. She works out of a boutique studio in the financial area but a lot of her income is swallowed up in rent. Tracy is entrepreneurial and has ambitious plans to use the internet to grow her business. She’s an active user of social media and recognises its importance and how it can help build her network of connected trainers and clients.


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