Bob Body Builder


Bob the Body Builder"I love what I do. What will make me great is the willingness to push myself where no-one else is willing to go"


Bob Body Builder Motivation


  • To win my age-group national body building championship
  • To gain 5kg lean mass
  • To be competition-ready, sub-6% body fat 

In Bob's Words

I love lifting weights and sculpting my body to be exactly how I want it. I have to be “on point” every single day, as the standard in my weight category is incredible. I personally hate doing cardio but know it has to be done to when I’m cutting for a competition. I see Trainsmart every year to measure my fat burning zone, so I can strip off maximum fat in the shortest possible time.


Bob started lifting weights when he was a teenager, entering his first competition at 18. He’s been hooked on body building ever since. Bob loves training and is in the gym every day. Bob’s currently studying for a Nutrition Diploma as he recognises the importance of nutrition to his sport and wants to gain knowledge to be an even better athlete.


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