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"I love the vibe of being in the gym and working my butt off. It takes a lot of effort to look good in a bikini!"


Fiona Fitness Motivation


  • To be fit and healthy
  • To stay sub-20% body fat
  • To get my beach body for the holidays

In Fiona's Words

I love being fit and go to the gym virtually every day. I like variety in my training and enjoy lifting weights as well as taking part in classes. The gym is a large part of my life and It's a bit of an in-joke with my friends that I prefer working out rather than going down the pub after work. I enjoy reading about nutrition and training and I’m always eager to learn more. Trainsmart coaching’s been a real eye-opener. It’s helped me balance my training and make sure I do the right quantity and quality each week to stay lean and in shape.


Fiona works in Marketing but her real passion is fitness. She’s half-way through a personal trainer qualification and would love to make a career change in the next 12 months. Fiona’s an avid reader, devouring blogs and online magazines on training techniques and sports nutrition. Fiona believes in hard work and not taking shortcuts. She’s prepared to do what it takes to get the shape she’s looking for and do a job which inspires her.


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