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"The most important thing is to try to inspire people, so they can be great in whatever they want to do"


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In George's Words

I used to work 9-5 in an office job and absolutely hated it. I’ve always loved fitness and thought it was the right time to make the move and open my own gym. It’s incredibly hard work but I feel privileged to do doing something which I enjoy so much. I have a strong team of personal trainers who are extremely knowledgeable on resistance training and nutrition.

During COVID, we've had a lot of financial pressure with clients cancelling or freezing their memberships. Personal training is one our most powerful retention tools. We've doubled-down on this and are using Trainsmart to coach all our customers. During their quiet periods, every personal trainer can manage hundreds of members. This makes it extremely time-efficient for them and cost-effective for us to stay in contact with our clients, deliver a personalised experience and retain members, when they're in the gym and outside. 


George started martial arts when he was a kid and has been into fitness ever since. He’s studied hard, earning diploma’s in personal training, strength & conditioning and nutrition George ‘walks the walk’ and infects everyone with his passion and enthusiasm. He knows all of his members by name and has built his gym to meet the goals of every individual.

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