Claire Clinician


Trainsmart Coaching user stories - Claire Clinician"I love my job, because  every single day I make a positive difference to people’s lives"


Claire Clinician Motivation


  • To improve the health of every client
  • To create positive behaviour change in all my clients
  • To monitor and interact with my clients on a regular basis

In Claire's Words

Time is at a premium in my job. I have 15 minutes to review a client's history, 45 minutes to conduct tests, analyse the results and give prescriptive advice. Unfortunately, once the consultation is over it’s impossible to make sure they follow their programme, as I don’t see them again for another 12 months. Trainsmart Coach is a game-changer. It keeps track of every client and automatically updates their training plan. It saves me a huge amount of time, enabling me to provide high quality coaching to all my clients and only intervene when necessary.


Claire works for a large wellness provider, conducting health assessments on corporate employees and private customers. She has a busy day, usually involving 6-8 appointments and coaching programme clients. Claire moved to a customer-facing role as she enjoys meeting people and making a positive difference to their lifestyle.


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