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Trainsmart case studies - Claire Clinician
"I love my job because I make a positive difference to people’s lives, every single day"


Claire Clinician Motivations Chart

In Claire's Words

Time is at a premium in my job. I have 15 minutes to review a client's history, 45 minutes to conduct tests, analyse the results and give prescriptive advice. Once the consultation is over, I don't see the client again for another 12 months. It’s virtually impossible for me to check they follow their training programme. 

The Trainsmart app is a game-changer. We've launched a new service called 'Virtual Clinician' as an add-on to their standard check-up. It keeps track of every client and automatically designs and updates their plan. It saves me a huge amount of time, and the guard rails I set enable me to intervene only where necessary.


Claire works for a large wellness provider, conducting health assessments on corporate employees and private clients. Every day is busy, with upwards of 6-8 client assessments back-to-back. Claire moved to a customer-facing role as she enjoys meeting people and making a positive difference to their lifestyle. Unfortunately, most of her clients don't change from one year to the next and she's becoming frustrated with her inability to motivate her clients to make lasting behaviour change.

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