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"We make more than just bikes, we make lifestyles"


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In Mark's Words

When I stopped racing, I started to service and maintain bikes and before you know it, I started building them. Bike manufacturing is a competitive market you have to differentiate yourself from the competition if you want to be successful.

We’ve started bundling complementary services and have included a Trainsmart coaching subscription with every bike we sell. We sponsor a cycling team and some of the riders and coaches use the app to coach our clients. Feedback is fantastic and it’s added a growing monthly revenue stream and another dimension to our business.


Ian loves everything on two wheels and was always planning a career in the cycling industry. He left school and started work as a mechanical engineering apprentice and formed his own company as soon as he could learn to weld. He’s entrepreneurial and has a keen eye for spotting trends in the market. He was one of the first to build e-bikes and is looking to integrate other technologies to bundle with bike sales.

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