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"Do your future self a favour and start working out now"


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In Don's Words

As a GP, I see the effects of a sedentary lifestyle every single day. Instead of treating these conditions with drugs, there’s a new initiative to prescribe exercise. Unfortunately, patient compliance and adherence is difficult, as most people prefer to take a pill rather than exert a little bit of effort.

However, I have a secret weapon! The app is great, because I can keep track of my patient’s activity and there’s no hiding place. Knowing that I’m constantly checking up on them positively changes their behaviour.


Don always wanted to help people and studied medicine to qualify as a doctor. He decided to go into General Practice to help as wide a variety of people as possible. Don’s father died of a heart attack when he was in his 50’s and has first-hand experience of how a lack of activity can affect your health. He believes technology can play a huge part in encouraging people to be as active and healthy as possible.

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