Helen Healthy


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"To live a long and healthy life, you should enjoy everything in moderation"


Helen Healthy Motivation


  • To reduce my cholesterol to a healthy level
  • To drink at least 3 litres of water each day
  • To get at least 8 hours sleep at night

In Helen's Words

As I've gotten older, I still want to look good and stay in shape. However, being healthy is more important to me than having a six pack. Even though I eat well, my cholesterol levels are uncomfortably high. I’m working with a coach on Trainsmart to give me 1-to-1 support and motivate me to make the lifestyle and exercise changes I need to bring it under control.


Helen is a full-time mum, with both kids at primary school. She’s not a member of a gym, and prefers to work out to videos at home and walk, jog and cycle in the surrounding countryside. Helen has family members with health issues and has always tried to stay fit and healthy. It came as a real shock when she was diagnosed with high cholesterol, so staying healthy for her kids is her number one priority.


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