Mandy Model


Trainsmart case studies - Mandy Model
"In modelling, looks are everything. The colour of a woman’s teeth is more important than her IQ"


Mandy Model Motivations Chart

In Mandy's Words

My body is my living and I have to look after it. I’m actually a Trainsmart junkie and literally follow the app to the letter. I’m working with a Trainsmart coach to on a 'light touch' basis. She lets the app design and update my plan but checks in regularly to keep tabs on what I do. She makes some manual tweaks to my plan based on our conversations and my particular focus for that week.


Mandy is a full-time figure model. Her previous experience is in the “bra and knickers” category, modelling briefs and lingerie for online catalogues. Mandy has weekly castings for work and is trying to gain muscle to widen her appeal to the fitness market. She's working hard to increase her lean muscle mass and lower her body fat percentage. Mandy's taken the plunge and is preparing to compete on stage in her first fitness competition next year.

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