Mandy Model


Trainsmart user stories - Mandy Model"In modelling, the colour of a woman’s teeth is more important than her IQ"


Alan Athlete Motivation


  • To stay injury free
  • To stay at 15-17% body fat
  • To increase my lean muscle mass

In Mandy's Words

My body is my living and I have to look after it by getting my nutrition and training spot on. I’m actually a Trainsmart junkie and bought every product they sell. I’ve done both metabolic tests, so I know how much to eat according to my training schedule and the intensity where I burn maximum fat. I’ve had a custom nutrition plan prepared for me and I’m also using Trainsmart Coach to design my optimum cardio programme to maximise fat loss. It takes a lot of hard work to stay this lean!


Mandy is a full-time model. Her previous experience is in the “bra and knickers” market, modelling briefs and lingerie for and online catalogues and stores. Mandy has weekly castings for work and is trying to widen her appeal to the fitness market. She's working hard to increase her lean muscle mass and lower her body fat. Mandy's also taken the plunge and is preparing to compete in her first fitness model competition next year.


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