Leo Lean


Leo Lean Trainsmart user story
"There's more to life than training. But training puts more into your life"


Leo Lean Motivations


  • To reach sub-10% body fat
  • To do 20x strict form pull-ups
  • To 100x press-ups in one go

In Leo's Words

Looking good is important to me and I work hard to look the way I do. I eat clean and hit the gym every day, mainly lifting weights. I’m not a massive cardio fan but Trainsmart showed me the importance of doing my fasted, steady-state sessions to strip off maximum fat plus targeted HIT training to maintain my CV fitness.


Leo works hard, putting in long hours as a financial advisor. He’s highly driven and committed to building a successful career. Leo takes the same approach to his training, following a strict nutrition plan and working out every day. He loves exercise and is prepared to go the extra mile and do whatever it takes to achieve his ideal physique.


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