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Trainsmart case studies - Wendy Weight Loss
"You’re not going to get the butt you want by sitting on it"


Wendy Weight Loss Motivations Chart

In Wendy's Words

I prefer to control my weight through nutrition. Over the years, I've tried every single diet going and haven't had much success. As I'm getting older, it's getting harder to stay in shape and the weight is slowly piling on.

I'm a complete beginner and using the Trainsmart app to help me start jogging. I don't have a clue how much I should do or how fast I should go but the app takes care of all of this for me.


Wendy is a busy mum and works 3 days a week as a teaching assistant. She has a holiday coming up with three other families and desperately wants to lose weight so she won’t be too self-conscious around the pool.

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